Sunday, September 21, 2008

Texas BIG Order

Just finished a big order from fitting that a BIG order was from Texas! A designer needed a sign for her vintage meets bold and sassy nursery and a couple of signs for her playroom. Had fun corresponding with her. Designers know their colors! We got them just right! Went all over town one Wednesday morn researching shipping and canvas size and materials....but, I did score an awesome FREE box to ship them in and Polly was an angel (the wild indians....Noah (3.5) and Grady (almost 2) were at "school"- Mother's Day Out! It was fun to meet her and walk through the week with her. Custom means corresponding!!! Here is how they turned out!

A Blog for My Business

Hello!!! My sister-in-law, Taylor, has helped me construct a blog to invite you into my world and the work behind saradipity signs. I hope to use this blog to display updated pictures and examples of my work, as well as involve you in the creating. In custom painted signs, there are never two exactly the same. I create "visions" (as I call them) in my head for each canvas that I work on. Everybody is different and so is every room, therefore, it just makes since that each piece of art should have it's own story, character, and color! I will try to share some of these stories in my "posts" (new word for the computer/web stuff is still a bit of a mystery...can you believe that when I graduated high school...1998...the internet was just a baby?!?!.) Speaking of baby...just had my third in March, sweet Polly (pollywog-as we call her). To the right is the sign I painted for her nursery/ hospital door! Rave reviews from all my lovely nurses!!!