Monday, January 3, 2011

Merry Christmas 2010

Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.

In 2010.....

  • Polly got stitches in the back of her head,

She now sleeps in her BIG girl bed,

Her unfixed hair rarely has a bow,

She loves “Annie are you OK”on the radio!

  • Grady finally started punching Noah back.

He can build one heck of a train track!

He has begun the terrible 2’s at age four,

But still loves to hug and kiss, like before!

  • Noah tried baseball, but liked soccer more,

A sweetheart, with big, brown eyes I adore!

Kindergarten at Cahaba Heights has begun,

New Friends and New Teachers have been great fun!

  • WAR EAGLE to our awesome AUBURN family!

National Champs we hope to soon be!!!!!!

“Knock, knock” jokes are told at many a meal,

WE are in need of new’ REAL!

  • Matt and SE have enjoyed getting fit-

We graduated P90X- “BRING IT!”

Sara Ellen had surgery back in September..

please pray for healing, if you remember!

Matt was gone most of March and February.....(which led to)

A burden SE could no longer carry.......(which led to)......

I started counseling and some anti-anxiety medication>>>>my BREAK THROUGH OF THE YEAR/LIFE>>>>For the first time I tasted and saw the Lord’s goodness, acceptance in Christ, and love!!!! That’s right, I said first time...yes, I have known the “Sunday School” answers all my life, BUT my mind knew them, not my heart! You see, I couldn’t be the christian I thought I was supposed to be... I would try and try...but it wasn’t working..I was under the assumption (and we all know what assuming does..hee hee) that a Christian Woman:

  • doesn’t take naps (waste of time),
  • doesn’t shop at Anthropologie (gives all her money to the poor),
  • doesn’t listen to 103.7 (always listens to hymns or scripture on tape),
  • isn’t vivacious, loud, with lots of energy (has a gentle and quiet spirit),
  • cooks meals for people (barely getting the meals on my own table)..
  • etc. the list goes on of ridiculous standards! .........

My counselor said...”No wonder you don’t want to be a christian....I wouldn’t either if all that was true!!!” She helped me see that the lies the devil fed me about my “Proverbs 31 look-a-like” were not Biblical! Romans 7 and 8 have meant a lot to me in learning about freedom from the guilt. God made me in His image and didn’t make any mistakes (Psalm 139:13) and loves me (Ephesians 3:14-19) the way I am> yep...corny jokes tellin’, anthropologie shoppin’ (sale room of course!), mismatched clothes wearin’, hot husband braggin’, carpool line dancin’, Party in the USA singin’, money savin’, bright colors paintin’ girl that I am...God loves it>> just as I love to watch my children do things they enjoy!!! I am only beginning to taste and see! (I love that it doesn’t say read and know I don’t like reading!!!) So, it is so appropriate that I can share this with ya’ll as we celebrate this Christmas season! IT IS ONLY THROUGH CHRIST THAT THE JUST AND PERFECT FATHER CAN LOVE ME IN MY SIN AND FAILURES! The Lord is at work! Praise GOD!

Merry Christmas!

Love....Matt, SE, Noah, Grady, and Polly

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Kristin Bailey Gardner said...

Sara Ellen, I cannot tell you how much I needed to hear all of this today. Thanks so much for sharing and your family is just absolutely beautiful. Lots of hugs to you!